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True story: We care so deeply about our clients’ success that we’ve arm-wrestled over pixels. Usually, though, we focus our passion on helping emerging businesses create a digital presence and adjust to changing market dynamics, craft their positioning, optimize their product offerings and build sustainable businesses.

Webocity is a website design, website development and brand communications agency that partners with businesses to craft their positioning and connect with key audiences across multiple communication channels. We work with entrepreneurial clients ranging from venture-backed startups to mid-cap public companies spanning Veterinary, biopharma, med tech, diagnostics, Real-estate, independent clinics and therapists. The common thread is that they have game-changing offerings, and they value digital presence and brand communications as a source of competitive advantage.

Webocity is headquartered in Vancouver, BC  🏖️  and is focused on driving change and growth through pragmatic disruption. We have expanded our toolkit to cover the core offerings described below which include the addition of digital marketing, website design, website development and robust branding. We invite you to dig deeper and let us know if you’d like to chat about any of our capabilities.

Digital Design & Marketing

We create brand experiences from the ground up as an integrated website design company.

Our master storytellers and digital marketers design experiences that attract attention and drive action.

App Design, Website design & Website Development

Bring your brand story to life with responsive, discoverable and impactful digital experiences.

Social Media Marketing

Our full-service offering centers on the art, science and business of social marketing, humanizing brands and translating engagement to real business value.

Search Engine Optimization

From content strategy to tactical implementation, we can effectively expand your brand’s footprint online.

Email Marketing

We create mobile, personalized and contextual campaign strategies designed to cut through inbox clutter.
Brand Positioning & Identity Design

We’re brand specialists deeply concerned with client self-discovery and self-expression.

No one wants to be a me-too brand. We’ll craft a distinct, authentic brand positioning that will serve as the foundation for your look, feel and language.

Brand Positioning

We collaborate with our clients through a series of workshops and brainstorming sessions to delve into what makes them special, how they differ from competitors, and why they appeal to their audiences. We synthesize the strategy into a brand blueprint that serves as the foundation for all marketing communications.

Positioning Creative

We use the positioning blueprint as the basis for exploring how our clients will express their value to their audiences. We look at what they say verbally and what they show visually.

Logo Design

We approach logos as a doorway into a company’s brand, and we design them to be distinctive, meaningful, and functional.

Business System Development

We extend the logo into the broader identity system to include business cards, presentation templates, stationery, and signage, and we codify the system in a brand style guide.
Media: Paid, Earned, Shared and Owned

We actively listen and challenge presumptions to identify unified media strategies.

With extensive relationships, industry knowledge and strategic vision, we integrate paid, earned, shared and owned channels to ensure that we are engaging in the right way, at the right time with the right people.


Our experienced strategists have their fingers on the pulse of the latest in advertising technology across channels to achieve maximum ROI.


Positive, long-standing media relationships—across national, industry, consumer, regional and trade publications—mean you have a well-connected, results-oriented PR partner and trusted collaborator.


We are results-driven and take a well-thought-out and deliberate approach to create attention that activates your audiences online on different platforms including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram


We tap our team of creative, medical and technical writers as experienced brand journalists to create magnetic and ownable experiences online and off.

We help companies talk the talk. And walk the walk.

We partner with you to drive strategy and ensure your story is crystal clear, meaningful and being heard by those who need to hear it.

Content Strategy

We conduct a mapping session to develop core messaging that is integrated across communication channels and touchpoints.

Corporate communications

We align corporate messages with smart strategies and creative tactics to expand communication channels.
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"The Webocity team has been a pleasure to work with in all aspects, but especially in their handling of our website. From small edits to complete content overhauls, our brand is well represented."

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"Webocity understood our business, dove into their well defined strategies, and developed a positioning that made us stand out. And, importantly, the creative was superb!."

GenTech Healthcare
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"Webocity was incredibly talented at understanding our story and developing creatives that differentiated us from other companies and products in our space!"

AAA Pharma
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